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Friday, 31 March 2017

c5 products and prices

These amazing lip glosses are priced at either £5.95 or £9.00, they provide a gorgeous amount of high shine, will leaving your lips looking plump and juicy. The sparkle will stay with you all day and depending on how think (much) you apply to the lip they are perfect for either day time or night time, hit the town or hit the shops with these amazing Power Shine Lipsticks. I own both Brilliant Fuschia and sexy plum (pictured above) and have to say that they really do complete a look. 

The next product that I have chosen to look at tonight is the ONE long wear nail polish, it costs £7.00 to buy and the sparkle that they produce are amazing. My favourite is Rose Diamond, it's a sparkle filled, long lasting rose gold colour, that even in the dullest of lights will leave your nails shining all day. However it is subtle enough that you can wear it with most outfits and to pretty much every event you can think of it. Apply one coat for a subtle look and apply two coats for that massive high shine, intense sparkle look. 
One of m FAVOURITE products this book, the Giordani Gold Limited Edition bronzing pearls, now these are normally priced at £19 but you can get them in this book for just £9.95, that's nearly a full £10 off! They give you that perfect sun kissed glow that you know you want to have all year around, get ready for summer with these fantastic pearls.

The above products are some of the amazing deals that you can find this book, however if you want more great deals, keep checking this page. Alternatively head over to my facebook page ---- https://www.facebook.com/groups/215413432222932/

or alternatively check out my PERSONAL BEAUTY STORE, where you can buy all the products and have them delivered straight to your front door. You can find the link to my personal beauty store here ----- http://beautystore.oriflame.uk/3254554
Remember if you have any questions head over to my facebook page and send me a message, drop me a comment or alternatively drop me a comment on here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Stay tuned as tomorrow you will be able to see my personal look, the products that I use, and the prices of the products :) <3 

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Pamper pots

Okay guys, sorry for a lack of posting at the moment, unfortunately since moving flats I have had no internet, so have been unable to update this blog. However I am back and would like to start of by showing you another great deal. The PAMPER POTS! 

Image attached is an idea of what they would look like!
These will include :-
Hot Chocolate sachet.
Oriflame Face mask sample pots.
Cleansing gel sample pots. (oriflame)
Toner in a sample pot (oriflame).
Instructions of how to use the products.
Product list with ingredients.
Inside the PAMPER POTS, will be instructions on how to use the products and what it does for your skin. Each pot will contain enough of each product to be used once and have some left over. So you'll never have to worry about not having enough.
These will cost £9.00 each and I can have them made and delivered or posted to you in 7 days (allowing oriflame products time to be shipped).
If you would like more info then Message me or comment below.

You can buy these buy either messaging me on here and paying me through paypal. 

Going to my facebook page by following this link ---- https://www.facebook.com/groups/215413432222932/ and commenting on the right post, or sending me a message on facebook. 

Remember you can also check out our other great offers by following this next link to my personal beauty store---- http://beautystore.oriflame.uk/3254554

While I am based in the UK I can ship abroad but this will obviously inflict a larger postage charge. 

Until The Next Offer
Amber Rose
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Thursday, 2 March 2017


Below you can find some of the best deals from our latest book, each day I will post my latest looks and our latest deals, remember you can head over and check out my facebook page too, and also my personal beauty store. 

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