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Sunday, 2 April 2017

My steps to flawless skin.

Sorry for this delayed post, I meant to do it yesterday but was having a poorly day. So this post is all about my make up looks. I only use Oriflame products when doing my own make up, I feel that the best way that I can promote products is by showing people what they look like in real life. So in the post I am going to show you the products that I use in the order that I use them so first of all is:- 

The first thing that I am going to say is that this is just a step by step to the products that I use for my skin. I'm not going to be putting in this post the eye products that I use or the lip products as I feel that they deserve a post of their own.

The first product that I always use without fail is my Very Me prep me perfect primer, this can be seen below. It's an amazing price at just £3.95. This primer reduces pore visibility and helps to prep for that perfect matte finish. 

The next item that I tend to use is The One Ever lasting Concealer in Light Nude. This product can be seen below and is just £7.00 and comes in a choice of three different shades. I choose to use this next as due to my own health problems I do not get a lot of sleep, leaving me with those dreaded dark bags underneath my eyes. I also don't have the perfect skin so find that this just gets rid of those blemishes that I do not want to see. 

My next step is to apply a foundation, I use about three different Oriflame foundations all of which depend on the type of look that I want to create but my favourite foundation is the Giordani Gold: Long wear mineral foundation. I use the shade Porcelain, as I am extremely pale however this is still sometimes to dark to me so I will be investing in the shade Vanilla, which is for super pale people like myself. This foundation costs £18.00 and I tend to use it most days, it lasts a long time. The majority of the time when I am applying this I tend to use a sponge as I think that it gives me a more flawless full coverage look that I need. I also use the Liquid silk foundation but I will do a separate post about this. 

The next thing that I use the majority of the time is the contour kit. This is not something that I am overly experienced with however this is something that I have started to use as I feel that the oriflame contour kit makes it extremely easy to use even for a beginner like myself. The next thing that I love about it, is that the colours aren't drastic, but as I feel like I have put weight on I feel that this kit really gives me the chance to define my features that I do like without it looking over the top or fake. The contour kit is just £17.00 and it's a product that I'm surprised to say I could not be without. 

The second to last product that I have fallen in love with and use is the Cream Illuminator, now this is a new product to oriflame only being out a few weeks but it is a product that I HAD to get my hands on, you may wonder why, I love the sparkle and shine that this highlighter creates. It's so simple and easy to use and the best part is that it goes a long way. This product is currently £6.95 compared to £11.00 that it normally is. It can either be applied for the foundation or as I want a more intense look I apply it after the foundation. 

The final product that I use is The One Loose Powder in translucent. I use this to set everything in place but because it's a 'white' powder, it also makes my foundation slightly paler which is great for me as I am so pale. I use a brush or sponge to apply this and just dab it on all over the face, so that it doesn't shift the powder. 
So those are the products that I use to create me flawless skin routine, I think they are a great range of products in a great range of prices that last all day long. If you have any more questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, you can do this by commenting on here. Heading over to my facebook page and sending me a Direct message or leaving a comment ---- https://www.facebook.com/groups/215413432222932/

Or you can buy the products and have them delivered straight to your door by following the next link to my Online Personal Beauty Store --- http://beautystore.oriflame.uk/3254554

Remember it doesn't matter where you are, I can make your make up dreams become a reality. 
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